Which Are Legal Lines of Java Code

Short comments can be displayed on a single indented line in the next code. If a comment cannot be written on a single line, it must follow the block comment format (see section 5.1.1). A one-line comment must be preceded by a blank line. Here is an example of a comment on a line in Java code (see also „Documentation comments“ on page 9): Note:The frequency of comments sometimes reflects poor code quality. If you feel compelled to add a comment, consider rewriting the code to make it clearer. The // comment separator can comment an entire line or only a partial line. It should not be used on consecutive lines for text comments. However, it can be used on consecutive lines to comment out sections of code. Examples of the three styles include: Very short comments may appear on the same line as the code described, but must be moved far enough away to separate them from the instructions. If multiple short comments appear in a section of code, they must all be indented in the same tab setting. Java programs can have two types of comments: implementation comments and documentation comments. Implementation comments are those in C++ that are delimited by /*…*/ and //. Documentation comments (called „doc comments“) are Java only and are separated by /**…*/.

Doc comments can be extracted into HTML files using the javadoc tool. Note that top-level classes and interfaces are not indented when their members are indented. The first line of the doc comment (/**) for classes and interfaces is not indented. The following document comment lines each have 1 catchment space (to align the asterisks vertically). Members, including builders, have 4 spaces for the first comment line of the document and 5 spaces after. Comments should be used to provide an overview of the code and provide additional information that is not readily available in the code itself. Comments should contain only information relevant to reading and understanding the program. For example, information about the structure of the corresponding package or the directory in which it is located should not be included as a comment. Here is an example of an end comment in Java code: Block comments are used to provide descriptions of files, methods, data structures, and algorithms. Blocking comments can be used at the beginning of each file and before each method.

They can also be used elsewhere, for example in methods. Block comments in a function or method must be indented at the same level as the code described. A block comment must be preceded by a blank line to distinguish it from the rest of the code. Which of the following lines are legal lines of Java code?int w = (int)888.8; Byte x = (byte)100L; long y = (byte)100; Byte z = (byte)100L; For more information, see „How to write document comments for Javadoc“, which contains information about doc comment tags (@return, @param, @see): Link implementation comments are intended to comment on code or comment on implementation. Doc comments are intended to describe the code specification from a non-implementation perspective. To be read by developers who do not necessarily have the source code at hand. It is appropriate to discuss non-trivial or non-obvious design decisions, but avoid duplicating information that exists in the code (and clearly follows from it). It`s too easy for redundant comments to be outdated. In general, avoid comments that may become outdated as the code evolves.

Objects on the slide that contain text are displayed as placeholders b Object holders c. b Expresses clearly and fairly simply, but with some errors c Printouts with your comments are displayed only after manual approval. Note: For examples of the comment formats described here, see the „Sample Java Source File“ section on page 19. Doc comments describe Java classes, interfaces, constructors, methods, and fields. Each document comment is defined in the /**…*/ comment delimiters, with one comment per class, interface, or member. This comment should appear shortly before the explanation: b has committed a fault d can be charged with the battery ANS D battery is lit. 150 ml C 250 Nal D 200 None Which of the following statements is contraindicated in 23 The four major accounting firms include a group of response options KPMG EY and PwC BDO Mathematics consists of 50% formulas, 50% evidence and 50% imagination. Temple owns a video and photo business He is a sole proprietor and uses. 112 DRAWINGS AND MANUALS Where according to these legible documents and.

(a) Review 3 Professional Product instructions.docx. Coronavirus What exactly causes pneumonia from your body And how a. infectious process metastatic process autoimmune disease inflammatory disease Q32 Which of the following triggers an event when the window loses focus. Java FAQ DE ONLINE BY FALEMU SUNDAY (2).pdf. If you need to provide information about a class, interface, variable, or method that is not suitable for documentation, use an implementation block comment (see Section 5.1.1) or a single-line comment (see Section 5.1.2) immediately after the declaration.